Bio Glitter Camp

Oh, so you’ve found the glitter page. Lucky you.

Please note that the below images contain nudity. We would not consider them explicit in nature however they might not be safe for work.

Bio Glitter Camp is made of a group of creative individuals in New York and Los Angeles who often are covered entirely in glitter. Glittering is an exploration of platonic intimacy, emphasizing body positivity, and a celebration of sparkling with friends, new and old. We have glittered literally hundreds of people over the years, and have helped bring out the shine of gods and goddesses of all shapes, sizes, ages and origins. Glittering is for everyone. Above all, we are a consent-based camp. There is no self-application and making friends is encouraged. We always ask permission, even for glittering your belly button, and know that anything but an enthusiastic yes is a no. Glittering is not done for profit or promotion but we can help direct you towards truly biodegradable glitter sources and education.

Below is a feed of our most recent Instagram posts. Please do not repost photos without permission.

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